9 Encobo Shells reading
9 Encobo Shells reading Manuel Congo
Verona, Italy kimbisa@gmail.com Priest of Palo Kimbisa con Mayombe & Expert on Italian Witchcraft
If you are reading this, your are obviously interested in esoteric things and especially in Afro Caribbean Religions. You know very well that those Traditions are living, changing, helping and listening. The Old Gods, the Ancestors listen, manifest Themselves in many ways. BUT as always the problem starts with humans. Almost everybody in those Sacred Paths had issues regarding tricks, bad mouths and worse, attacks of baneful magic. It is not my Will to go further and deeply into the miserable world of wrong doers and paranoids because I always try to stress more importance about very positive and beautiful things. May be I am too naive and romantic but what’s wrong with that? I am an italian. You will never listen from me or any other person associated with myself anything related to harmful, evil, bad form of doing things with the Spiritual gifts granted. I follow as much as I can the golden rule: Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto yourself. Very simple, crystal clear.

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