Cowrie Shell Divination
Cowrie Shell Divination Farin Ade Olokun
Pacific Northwest Iyalorisa, Iyanifa, Juremeira, spirit medium

With over 20 years of experience helping clients all over the world, I work as an Iyalorisa of the Xango tradition from Northeastern Brasil, and as Iyanifa of Yorubaland Nigeria. I use cowrie shells for divination, give spirit consultations/spiritual guidance as a spirit medium, make orisa ebo offerings and hand-compound ewe oogun (Ifa herbal preparations in different bases) to help restore inner and outer harmony in client’s lives. I can bring you fresh insight, answers and solutions to many problems and questions such as: Crisis Situations, Love and Marriage, Career choice, business and employment issues, Spiritual Development and Life Purpose For more information please see my online bio.

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