Domination is a well known word nowadays. To dominate or be dominated seems to be the easiest way to understand current society viewpoint on several aspects. Domination is an act, an attitude. Dominus or Domina were the latin words for Lord and Lady, Master or Mistress by slaves. It implied, at the time, not only an attitude but a precise social and economical status, beginning with being free. Domus also was the House of the Master.

In esoteric terms, as well in traditional Hoodoo-Conjure-Rootwork, the Lord is in fact God and/or the Holy Trinity. The domus or House of the Lord, our bodies and mind, our house and our working space or altar. Dominance Works should start with a Divine Presence and Holy Wisdom to achieve mastery of life in all situations.

Strong dominating energies like High John the Conqueror are inseparable from being clever, smart or cunning, wise and sometimes tricky or manipulative. All that with a charming smile!

Every dominating spell or product should also be correctly combined with a personal cleansing and process to rise the personal vibration to achieve faster results. Boss Fix is a typical product for dominance in daily life and professional career. Also dominance works are quite common in love matters, to get a lover back or subjugating their will, to achieve a sweet and pleasant surrender by powerful magical means.

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