Hoodoo Oils

Hoodoo always had iconic products, among them, oils have always been the firsts.

The meaning of oils in Hoodoo has a spiritual, magical, esoteric, occult and shamanic nature. Oils represents the essence, the phisical juices of plants, mineral, animal species. Their use in spiritual practices is older as mankind being tied to food and fire, to enlighten darkness by their essence burnt by fire.

Seen as flames fuel and keepers of light, oils, always intrigued mystics, magicians and simple observers alike. Lamps made of vegetable oils or animal fats were constant companions of men during night time since the dawn of mankind. In fact, before using candles, illumination was achieved by oil lamps and religious services as well always relied upon the sacred flames imbued by oils.

Oils can be charged, magnetized by blessings, prayers, sacred objects like medals or herbs. Jesus Christ was called the Chrestos, the anointed. It was a customary to consecrate and anoint jewish Kings heads by the use of oils. Still this timeless practice is used to consecrate new catholic and apostolic clergy by Roman, Old Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox Churches and Christian Ministries of all kind. Holy Oils are also used for healing the sick and consolate the afflict as well.

Hoodoo-Conjure-Rootwork has an extensive and unique view on oils and they are mixed with other substances and blessed accordingly to spiritual purposes and material needs. Oils consecrate our sacred objects, persons and carry on a spiritual power and message absorbed and/or burned to transform, connect, empower our lives.

Hoodoo-Conjure-Rootwork Traditions also have traditional recipies passed along both orally and by books. Some of them are very famous like: Jerusalem Oil, Van Van, Fast Luck, Crown of Success, Love Me, Black Cat, Block Buster etc.

Activated by our prayers and intents, oils are a must in Hoodoo.