Myrrh Essential Oil 2 Dram


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Blended from the natural oils derived from myrrh, our myrrh essential oil provides you with a pure, high quality oil that has achieved a fragrance that captures the nature of the incense of the same name, and in so doing has captured many of the properties and powers found therein.Known for ages as a sacred source of healing and spiritual properties, the influence of myrrh on our oil has left it with tremendous ability to aid in your healing spells and rituals, aiding in the flow of energy and the revitalization of life.Traditionally, it can also be used in your spells and rituals seeking to aid in meditation, seeking a deeper spiritual awareness, or as part of a blessing in spells and rituals seeking to break a hex or remove a curse.With all of these sacred and mystical powers, it is no surprise that myrrh oil can also be used as a powerful representative of the element of air and the astrological sign of capricorn, making it a wonderful way to help draw the properties and powers of the element and sign into your ritual.This is a 2 dram bottle of pure essential oil for aroma-therapeutic use, for external use only.Made in usa.

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