Lodestones are technically speaking a very special kind of mineral, an iron ore called magnetite. Although magnetite is quite abundant, lodestone is surprisingly rare. In fact, very few magnetites are real lodestones. They have the well known magnetic power of attract iron and steel. Those natural magnets are still a kind of scientific mystery because it seems the process they acquire this fascinating power remains unknown. It is believed they get their power through a lightning strike. Obviously this fact make them natural shamanic power objects, magickal stones. Thunder and Lighting are considered magickal and mystical powers in all cultures. Iron and steel are considered to be the metals of progress thus a stone capable of attracting them turns itself naturally into the lucky side of Hoodoo-Conjure-Rootwork lore.

Lodestones increases magnetic power, manhood, they attract things, situations and persons as well luck, love and prosperity. Their influence is very Yang, male. Under the planetary rulership of the planet Mars, they are under the influence of the Angel Ariel. They increase energy, charisma, magnetism, self-confidence, have positive effects on peripheral blood circulation.

Vikings, Chinese and Olmecs used lodestones to make the first compasses for navigation and definitely without them history wouldn’t have been the same. In Hoodoo they are often added to mojo bags and candle-workings to attract. They are also placed inside hoodoo oils and powders. Famous is also the afrocuban Piedra de Iman with identical use, kept inside a tureen as an Orisha with iron fillings, red coral, jet stone and other items of good luck. Some Hoodoo Doctors also keep huge loadstones in their altars or conjure tables to increase their effectiveness and Spiritual power. Definitely it is important to work with lodestones.

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