John the Conqueror Virility Fetish

How to make a Hoodoo “Shiva lingham”

Inspired by the Hindu tradition of the Shiva lingham (or Shiva’s phallus), these fetishes were based on Master Roots and coon dongs tied together in red silk thread and loaded into the bottom of gold-painted ceramic “conversation pieces” I found at a yard sale.

For this job, I used a red candle with my name, birthday and 9 holes poked in the top, nature oil, and myrrh & vetiver incense (“El Pene Paralanchin” was for a client).

I also prayed over, crossed over the candle in the names of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost, sprayed whiskey on, fumigated in incense, breathed life into and loaded the following into the bases of each before sealing them up with melted beeswax:

For me this project references the psychosexual undertones of the Christian story – Jesus is nailed in place to a strong beam of wood which penetrates the sky, then is taken down and buried deep into a dark, moist cave, then miraculously emerges to stand erect again, etc.

Listen, stay alert, stand tall in the faith, be courageous, and be strong.
Let love prevail in your life, words, and actions.

[Corinthians 16:13-15]

Dr. Octopus

A 20-year practitioner of hoodoo, renowned spiritual worker Dr. Octopus is a Gnostic bishop, Kimbisero, expert on Thai necromantic amulets (so-called "barang") and licensed clinical Hypnotist. He likes rainy days and black coffee.

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