High John as Petey Wheatstraw

High John & Phra Ngang Compared

There are many similarities between High John and Phra Ngang, the magical “Dirty Buddha” of the Thai black arts:

High John The ConquerorPhra Ngang
Multiple strands of OriginJohn the Conqueror, the indwelling spirit of a magical root, would appear to be a melange of African deities, possibly combined with one or more powerful conjurers, a saint who is honored as a lwa, and a legendary slave trickster.”1Long, Carolyn Morrow. Spiritual merchants: religion, magic, and commerce. University of Tennessee Press, 2001.“If you want PN to be simply a spell, it is a spell and bunch of energy from a spell. If you want PN to be an entity, it is an entity.”2“[Occult Barangs] – What is Phra Ngan.” Thai Amulets & Buddhism Forum, amuletforums.com/threads/what-is-phra-ngan.179095/.
Description“…strong, dark, virile, masculine”3Prahlad, Anand. African American folklore: an encyclopedia for students. Greenwood, an Imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2016.A “black shadow,”4“[Occult Barangs] – phra ngan power.” Thai Amulets & Buddhism Forum, amuletforums.com/threads/phra-ngan-power.67763/. “weird/ridiculous but very powerful” 5kakashi84. “Official Thai occult/Barang discussion thread.” Wwwhardwarezonecomsg RSS, forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/official-thai-occult-barang-discussion-thread-4458588-11.html
VersionsHJTC mojo bags are typically non-necromantic, but graveyard dirt, human finger bones or coffin nails may also be added for extra strengthPure deva Phra Ngangs are made from bronze and earth; “prai” amulets also contain graveyard dirt, human bone, coffin nails, etc.
ActivationPsalms, name paper & breathKatas, sacred diagrams & breath
PrayersBiblical psalmsBuddhist katas (mantras)
BenefitsProtection from enemies
Conquering obstacles and achieving goals
Attracting women
Gambling luck6Products, Dr. E. “High John The Conqueror Root, Large.” Large High John the Conqueror Root Hoodoo Curio – Dr. E. Products, conjuredoctor.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=217.
“sexual attraction
increase charisma
protection from black magic
protection from danger”7Barami barang, www.baramibarang.com/product-page/phra-ngan-white.
Setting LightsOne yellow candle, one purple candle8Yronwode, kat, instructions for High John the conqueror mojo bag consecrationTwo red candles9陈老爷 . “Buddhism Is Peace.” LEARN THE POWER OF PHRA NGAN, 1 Jan. 1970, buddhismandthaiamulet.blogspot.com/2015/05/learn-power-of-phra-ngan.html. (some say white or yellow)10Praying Guide, prayingguide.blogspot.com/2015/10/this-blog-is-created-for-sake-of.html.
Uses“carried in the pocket and rubbed when needed; kept in the house as an amulet; “fed” or “dressed” with various substances…or incorporated into mojo bags and lucky hands.”11Long, Carolyn Morrow. Spiritual merchants: religion, magic, and commerce. University of Tennessee Press, 2001.“Phra ngans can be worn on the neck or be put in the pocket or around the waist. For attraction or increase of charisma, place it in your left pocket. For anything else, it would be in your right pocket.”12“What is Phra Ngan?” Our Magical Realm, 28 Sept. 2016, ourmagicalrealm.wordpress.com/what-is-phra-ngan/.

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