Cowrie Shell Divination

by Farin Ade Olokun


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You don’t need to be an Ifa practitioner or worship orisa in order to get assistance through cowrie shell divination. It is something available to all; there are no restrictions or judgement, we all need a fresh perspective and assistance at some point in our lives. My goal is to have everything answered for you, understood, with a new outlook and guidelines for solutions/understanding. I only schedule one divination reading per day, so that time and my energy is your’s for that day. Two hour readings cost u.s. $180.00 and frequently run longer at no extra cost (I don’t say “time is up” at 2 hours), so plan on your reading running long. 4 hour readings cost u.s. $300 and the same holds true where if we are knee deep in something at the 2/4 hour mark,  we will see it through to clarity, no clock watching or extra charge.

I take my role very seriously, take the trust people put into me very seriously, I only ask that a client come with respect and an open mind. I prefer to throw “cold” with no input in the beginning so we can allow orisa to speak and lead for the first throws without interference of any “stories/set beliefs/narratives”.  You will have plenty of time to open up freely about your life and discuss as the reading progresses, I just ask that we let orisa lead in the beginning, which is very important. Readings can be done over skype or through my landline (yes, some of us still have those!), please contact me for more information, or, if you’ve ordered a reading, send me an email with your preferred days, start times, your time zone/country and we will get you scheduled and exchange contact information.


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Farin Ade Olokun

With over 20 years of experience helping clients all over the world, I work as an Iyalorisa of the Xango tradition from Northeastern Brasil, and as Iyanifa of Yorubaland Nigeria. I use cowrie shells for divination, give spirit consultations/spiritual guidance as a spirit medium, make orisa ebo offerings and hand-compound ewe oogun (Ifa herbal preparations in different bases) to help restore inner and outer harmony in client’s lives. I can bring you fresh insight, answers and solutions to many problems and questions such as: Crisis Situations, Love and Marriage, Career choice, business and employment issues, Spiritual Development and Life Purpose For more information please see my online bio.