Candle Magic

Magick has a deep relationship with the environment and the natural and also philosophical elements. Probably the Fire element and its control shaped mankind’s destiny not only in terms of food, protection, etc but in terms of spirituality as well. There was something immense in the first flint sparkles to start a camp fire. For the first time ever, men were able to “create” or transmute an element. This act resonates tremendously with God’s creative power.

Fire control has been the first divine act of mankind. Like God they created an element. This magick was born from flint sparks

There is also a kind of war going on between light and darkness, fire and ice, witnessed and fought by fire. Candles are our troops with their blades of bright light. Once I was told, candle prayer’s flames are all swords of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Candles are an essential step in the control of fire and their massive use is quite recent in historical times. Mostly, in fact, lamps of all kind were used before. Hurricane lamps are also a very important magickal resource in terms of Hoodoo-Conjure-Rootwork traditions.

The quality and quantity of candle fire is pretty different from a lamp’s one.

Candle flames burns and estinguish, disappearing a form, the shape of the candles. Lamps burns and extinguish by drying out a liquid.

In fact, even in homemade lamps, it is possible to regulate the intensity of the flames. In candles this isn’t possible. Their fire is wilder, untamed. Candles are condensed a material light. Esoterically speaking they are represented by fire but earth element as well due to the body. Candles can be blessed, anointed, conjured, shaped and sculpted and engraved. Candles fix in wax what fire will release and transform.

Candles have a body (wax), a soul (wick), a spirit (fire), a purpose (magical, religious, spiritual or profane). Their wicks are entwined fibers working together to be stronger, a synergy of powers and virtues, needs to be put in service to light. Candles are used in all rites of religions and magickal traditions because of their many properties and peculiar characteristics. Candles shapes our desires and needs. And this property is so useful we started to create shaped candles for many purposes like seven knob candles, figurine candles, skull candles, etc

Ultimate shape of desire is in fact a Hoodoo-Conjure-Rootwork ritual done with shaped candles. Ancient and modern at the same time, ready to release its terrific and cathartic power.