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Spiritual Songs

A brief history of American Conjure and its influences

By Dr. Octopus / Feb 9, 2020 /

Conjure (also known as “hoodoo” or “rootwork”) is a style of African-American folk magic practiced in the Old South, before the American Civil War. For hundreds of years, millions of men, women and children representing countless African tribes were kidnapped and brought to the New World to work on cotton plantations and cut sugar cane,…

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Plantation Slaves working the fields

Black & White Magic in Conjure

By Dr. Octopus / Jan 2, 2020 /

Every culture seems to have its own definition of “black” and “white” magic; a few I’ve encountered over the years: High magic (“theurgy”) calls on God (or gods) for self-improvement; low magic (“theurgy”) manipulates earthly or underworld forces to satisfy practical survival needs White magic respects human free will; black magic is coercive and boundary-violating…

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Churchyard necromancy

Necromancy in Conjure

By Dr. Octopus / Jan 1, 2020 /

The term “necromancy” comes from European sorcery, where it was originally “nigromancy” – a type of dark magic focused on summoning demons into blood drenched circles and triangles, accompanied by lengthy prayers in Latin. Over the centuries, “nigromancy” evolved into “necromancy” and came to mean any kind of magic or divination involving the human dead,…

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The Cosmic Clock

Timing Hoodoo spells: Phases of the moon, days of the week & time of day

By Dr. Octopus / Dec 31, 2019 /

There are endless ways to time your spells in Hoodoo, Rootwork & Conjure, with origins in all sorts of different cultures: Moon Phases The Kongo people of Central Africa were one of the largest tribal groups brought to the Americas with the slave trade so their ideas about nature and the spirit world had a…

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Astrological Forces

Planetary & Elemental Correspondences of Herbs & Roots used in Hoodoo

By Dr. Octopus / Dec 31, 2019 /

Total overkill, but one rainy afternoon about 10 years ago I cross-referenced all of the most commonly used hoodoo roots & herbs with their supposed astrological and elemental associations, as well as their genders – 95% of this info is from the Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook By Karen Harrison. Ingredient Type Gender Planet Element Acacia Herbs Male…

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