ANSWERS, NOW! – Quick 3 card reading for pressing concerns

by Michael Ophiel


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A short and sweet reading for those moments when you need answers….fast! As always, your satisfaction = my priority. 3 cards.


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Michael Ophiel

Esoteric Bishop, Spiritist initiate, Professional magician and Professional Tarot reader with 28 years of experience as a reader. Satisfaction is guaranteed. I have spent the entirety of my adult life studying and practicing mysticism and magic, and I continue to seek LIGHT.  I am thorough and consistent with my divination, which I feel is my life's calling.   As a reader, my focus is on honesty, accuracy, and clarity.  I use several methods to develop the reading and my information is specific and direct; though I prefer to deliver positive information, I am also unafraid of being open about challenges which arise in the course of a reading.   I aspire to aid each person I consult with all my heart, mind, and soul, and each reading I render is offered to the Divine as a sacrifice.