Anise Essential Oil 2 Dram


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This anise essential oil is a pure essential oil for aroma-therapeutic use, having been crafted in a process that draws the oil directly from anise.This makes our anise essential oil a powerful, wholly authentic oil that will easily lend its fragrant aroma in which it is diffused or be used as an anointing oil for your ritual tools, adding the imbued qualities of anise to your magick.This makes it particularly potent when you are working a spell that has to do with protection or purification, with anise being a great aid in these kinds of magick.It is also quite potent when added to divination magick, particularly when you are seeking clairvoyance or other such qualities within your seeking.This is a 2 dram bottle of pure essential oil for aroma-therapeutic use, for external use only.Made in usa.

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