28g Crowley’s Tetragrammaton Lailokens Awen Incense


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This incense is described by aleister crowley in his confessions, “there is an incense sacred to tetragrammaton.After the cakes of light and the incense of abra-melin, it is the most powerful of all known perfumes.In fact, it is in a sense more powerful than they are, for they are definitely consecrated to particular purposes, whereas it is entirely without conscience.It represents the blind force of the four elements and by its use one can bring them to manifestation.Being in itself neither good nor evil, it is extraordinarily dangerous.” use for elemental magic, theurgy, or transcendental magic, enochian magic, angelic magic, and for consecrating magical tools.Made on the day and in the hour of either the sun or mercury.100% organic 1 oz (28g)

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